How to optimise your LinkedIn profile to make your next career move

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest B2B social network and professionals from all over the world are using the platform to make significant progress up the career ladder. If you are yet to optimise your LinkedIn profile to get the most out of the service and encourage clients and potential employers to come to you, why not make the necessary changes today? There are many steps you can take to derive real value from LinkedIn and start finding new opportunities. LinkedIn can be used to boost your brand’s online presence and enhance your reputation.image1

Let’s look at some of the most effective ways to optimise your LinkedIn profile to strengthen your earning power and start getting noticed by the people who count:

Having an appropriate profile picture is essential. Without one, you may struggle to present yourself in a professional manner and show others that you mean business. Your profile picture is one of the first things people see when they visit your profile, so it needs to look as professional as possible. Grainy pictures can be a big turn-off, as can selfies or photos taken in casual settings.


Make sure your profile is fully up-to-date and tells others what your biggest achievements are. It’s vital that you sell yourself as much as you can in order to stand a chance against the competition. Your profile should represent your growth over the years and outline all key responsibilities in recent positions. You should make sure your headline is punchy and that it tells others as much about your experience and skills as possible; think about what people are likely to search for when looking for people like you and tweak your headline accordingly. You may wish to draw up a shortlist of keywords before you get started.image2

If some of your best work is available online, make sure you include links to it! It’s essential that you make it easy for any prospective employers’ or recruitment consultants to find you. Most potential employers or clients will expect to see tangible evidence of your skills and experience. You may also wish to ask past collaborators, employers or clients if they can endorse you for a series of skills.

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