How to recruit and retain high performing Millennial talent

Millennials – in other words, people born during the general period starting in the early 1980s and ending in the early 2000s – are undoubtedly desirable for your accountancy firm to employ. They are young, ambitious and tech-savvy – all qualities that can help to accelerate the growth of a 21st century business. However, they can also prove tricky to attract and keep. Here are some pointers for how you can ease both recruiting and retaining especially skilful Millennials.

Offer as high a salary as you can

Surely this is common sense for attracting any great employee? To a significant extent, yes. However, it is even more crucial for attracting great Millennials – who, having had to amass much more debt during their university studies than previous generations, now seek a salary and other financial benefits that can assist them in paying off this debt.

Make available a broad range of work options

Millennials are dedicated to their personal lives and so are eager that, wherever practical, their working lives are built around their personal lives, rather than vice versa. You can therefore offer flexibility in when and how they work. They are especially likely to appreciate, to cite just two examples, flexible working hours and opportunities to work remotely.

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Credit where it’s due!

As a high salary and choice of work options can both be easily mentioned in the job listing, they are especially useful for recruitment. However, some aspects of working at your company that would appeal to Millennials could come across more clearly in the actual workplace, and therefore can prove more useful for preventing young people that you have recruited from straying.

Such aspects can include your willingness to accord praise to employees wherever it is due. These young people are used to receiving such praise, which they originally received from their parents; now, it should come from you. To this end, remember to regularly and publicly acknowledge their contributions.

Permit a large degree of individuality in the work environment

Again, this could be difficult to make as clear as you wish in a job listing. However, Millennials love to assert their individuality and express their personality – even in the workplace. On a more practical level, you can cater for these desires by handing these employees much autonomy in their work practices. On the more cosmetic side, you can allow them to clothe more for comfort than formality.


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