How to use social media to build your career within a specific industry

Using social media in search of new career opportunities is a growing trend – many people are already spending plenty of time cultivating their online image in order to attract the attention of a top recruiter. This means that, if you want to follow the same path, you need to work hard to stand out by leveraging social media to unearth especially good job opportunities.

Build Connections

Many companies today understand the power of social media, so they are likely to have a significant presence on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Though you could directly approach them, you could find more success in making connections and building your own digital network.

If you are part of a network from the industry you want to progress in, it’ll be easier than ever to spot new companies, and you can ask for introductions from mutual contacts for a strong first impression.


Join Groups

In the same way that you would use networks, make sure you take advantage of the groups on social media sites.

Some groups on LinkedIn have tens of thousands of members – or at least a far greater number than you could realistically add as contacts. Therefore, you’ll be exposed to an extremely large section of the industry. The group should also have a job listings section where you can learn about possible new openings.

Engage with Employers

Attractive companies aren’t just on social media, they engage with social media. This means tweeting and retweeting relevant industry information, or answering questions within a group.

This provides you with plenty of opportunities to engage with these companies and leave a positive impression. Over time, such companies could grow to see your various merits as a potential employee.


Keep a Close Eye on Feeds

The best thing about using social media to find new opportunities is that they can be advertised far more openly and widely through the likes of Facebook and Twitter than various other outlets.

For example, if a company that you ‘like’ or ‘follow’ posts a message indicating a new job vacancy, that message should appear on the feed you routinely see whenever you log in. You can then apply for the job quickly, perhaps even just a few minutes after it has been advertised.

The time and effort involved in mastering social media and actively participating in an industry’s online community might seem excessive, but it’s well worth it for your career.

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