Interview Preparation

So you have been offered an Interview…….Now it is time to make the right impression

You would not believe the feedback we have had in the past, not from candidates we have introduced, just bad interview experiences in general, stories told by our clients, some of which can not be aired, but the ones that can include:

  • Casually/scruffily dressed
  • Badly groomed
  • “Stinking” of cigarettes
  • Black Eye
  • Smelling of alcohol

We have written this guide to help give you some pointers, you don’t have to follow our advice but we have complied feedback from hundreds of interviews to give you the best chance of getting a job offer.

The most important is to present yourself well. On many occasions I have been told that if someone looks really good and comes across really well, they will be thought of ahead of other candidates.

  • Research the company, it doesn’t take a few minutes to google the business name, but you can take this further, add the word reviews to your search and see if you can find any, you can use this as an opportunity to pick out a few and ask questions about them.
  • Check your travel route, know exactly how long it takes to get to the interview venue.
  • Check out our common interview questions:
  • Dress smart – you need to make sure you look good for that interview. This includes hair, make up perfume / aftershave (not too much…) For the boys think about facial hair, if you have a beard make sure its presentable or go clean shaven.
  • Check the job spec and compare it to your CV, you can use this to point out why you are good for the job.
  • Think, what do you need to take with you? It’s a good idea to take a copy of your CV (if you got the interview via an agency ask them for the copy they sent to get you the interview in the first place), take pens and a notepad.
  • Smile, make sure you greet the person who is interviewing you with a smile.
  • Make notes, during the interview you won’t retain everything, it is important to come prepared and take notes, even just bullet points to ensure you can remember the key information.
  • Ask questions, it’s not just them interviewing you, it’s you interviewing them, find out what it’s like to work there, why should you want to work there?
  • End positively, make sure you thank them for their time seeing you and tell them you look forward from them.

We hope this has helped and that your interview goes well.

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