We like to be as helpful as possible to clients and candidates alike, so we have developed the below reports and guides to offer help and advice to you.

E-mail us to with the name of the report you want and we will send it over info@accountancyrecruiters.co.uk

  • How to hire the best candidates? – Our report gives suggestions and first hand experiences of hiring the best candidates.
  • 25 most common interview questions and how to answer them? – Exactly as described, suggestions on how to answer the 25 most common interview questions
  • Salary Guide for Accountancy Practices  salary guide for practice positions from top 20 to medium and small firms, also includes temp and contract rates.
  • Motivating and Retaining Key Staff – Tips on motivating and retaining staff
  • How to Read a CV – Our guide, what to look for, hidden information and related questions
  • 30 Worst Interview Questions – A list of 30 interview questions that we have put together that should be avoided.


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