In the past I have found recruitment consultants unpleasant to deal with more interested in earning their fee rather than helping me find the right role. Adam was the complete opposite he listened to what I had to say and made sure the role I was applying for was right for me. The whole process was very quick and I was kept up to date throughout, Adam was a pleasure to deal with.

“I would highly recommend the team at Accountancy Recruiters, they found me a great job quickly and dealt with me professionally at all time. They match experience to requirements and by doing so, match staff to employers. Previous employees at the firm they placed me in were so terrible, we had to delete their work and start from scratch on some jobs – not to mention months and even years of work not recorded or done properly. Accountancy Recruiters are no time wasters. Adam is quick to assess the situation and nice to workers.”

Adam was great to work with. He was somebody who cared about the company, the vacancy and the candidate as much as I did. Adam became a remote member of my team. I trusted him to source the right candidate for a range of vacancies with the same care and insight as if he worked for Price Bailey. He thought what was in it for the candidates he put forward to us – their short, medium and long term prospects and he helped his candidates to understand our culture. If he didn’t feel they were a good fit for us, he wouldn’t put them forward. He also has a rare talent of getting great candidates for those difficult to fill or non-traditional posts. I’d recommend him any day of the week.

Thanks for all your help. I will be sure to pass on your details and highly recommend you to anybody I know in a similar situation as I was, in the future.

I highly recommend the team at Accountancy Recruiters as they have a good team. They found me the job very quickly. The people working there are very friendly and professional as well.


Accountancy Recruiters have been extremely helpful in filling an Audit and Accounts Senior role within our firm, we would recommend Accountancy Recruiters to any fellow professionals.

Delivered on the money every time. Great service

I was approached by Adam via LinkedIn, he sent me a message detailing a vacancy he had local to me, at the time I was considering looking for a new role so I went for it. Adam offered great advice, support and knowledge, which made the whole process easy. Thank you