Common Recruitment Misconceptions

Today us recruiters face a difficult battle at times.

Many companies need recruitment agencies, many like recruitment agencies, but too many don’t want anything to do with recruitment agencies.

My aim with all my client is to get to know your company, because the more we know you the better the recruitment job we can do for you.

I would hazard a guess at around 99% of clients do not either realise, think or care about the following:

That when we recruit for you and do not make a placement it costs us money.

Companies forget that we don’t make 100% profit on our placement, everything takes time, sourcing candidates, placing advertisements, contacting candidates, interviewing candidates, prepping candidates, sending CV’s, arranging interviews etc. All these things can take considerable time and cost the Agency a lot of money and all of this is done for free if you find a candidate elsewhere or decide to recruit next year instead!!

Most companies see the fees that will be due at the end and think I don’t want to pay that!!!

But how about a new approach, I’m not sure about the fee but if they find me a great candidate perhaps they are worth it.


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