Our first event…. Bishop’s Stortford Means Business


So we did it, our first ever event as an exhibitor, we have been to many exhibitions in the past but never as a stall holder, so I wanted to share my thoughts on the process, how we think it went….


So there can be no event without preparation and wow did we prepare, Jess worked tirelessly making up 80 custom wrapped KitKat’s and 24 bottles of water ready to give out to the public, the planning for this event was very thorough and I am pleased to say that no stone was left unturned.

The Stand:


We had everything and more, we spent hours comparing prices on the net and searching for all the things we wanted. In the end we got in touch with a local company Velocity Promo from them we got pens, highlighters, coasters, mugs, pads and bags. We got out pull up banners from Marketing Kinetics  and our amazing cup cakes from HomeSpun Herts

We had a bit of luck on the day that our neighbours failed to show so we were allowed to utilise a little extra space which really helped.

Setting Up

We thought we’d have plenty of time to set up our stall, but it turns out that time fly’s, we literally finished minutes before the public were to dawn on us (we had time for a bacon roll though).

Set up done, we now had to wait for our visitors….



After attending a digital marketing workshopwith Terry Carney from Sales Remedy he gave us the idea of changing from the traditional business card in a bowl prize draw to taking the laptop and getting people to enter their details directly onto our database. This worked really well, although next time we will go one step further and use a tablet.

Out of all the entries the winner was Kevin Deamer from KMD who we went to see yesterday to drop off his bottle of Champagne, pictured right with our MD Colin Peacock.

Kevin gave Colin and I an interesting insight into his business and the unique way they work with their high net worth clientele, they really look after them and even encourage them to spend (when appropriate). I would encourage anyone who is getting closer to retirement age or divorcees /widows to get in touch with KMD for advise about a retirement plan, managing their money pre and post retirement and learning how to make it best work for you.


Learning points

So we certainly learned a lot from the exhibition and meet some great people. As much as the cupcakes were delicious and looked amazing, we had to practically force people to take them, all due to them being too big, so in future we are going to go with bit size type cakes that can be eaten in one go.

The KitKat’s were extremely popular and went very quickly, no forcing needed for those.


A very enjoyable and productive day out of the office that we look forward to repeating in the future.

Thanks for reading and until next time…………….img-20161028-wa0001

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