Retaining key employees – 5 tips to retain staff

Keeping employees happy is a benefit to any company, so how do you decided what is important to employees to retain them? Its not all about pay-rises there is more to it.

1. Ask your employees what benefits or incentives they would like – this can be done through Survey’s,¬†questionnaires, e-mails, suggestion box’s.

2. Think about why it is good to work for your company – Health insurance, dental insurance, company car, good pension, trips away, holiday entitlement increase annually, shares, bonus schemes etc.

3. Look at your competitors, check their job adverts and find out what they are offering that you do not, have a page on your website detailing why people should want to work for you.

4. Do the little things – pull out a name from a hat every Friday then tell that person they can leave early that day, have a list of all employees and make sure you speak to them every month just the basics how’s it going, what are you doing this weekend etc.

5. What is the working environment like? think about getting a radio for the office to have on quietly in the background, perhaps redecorate, get some pictures or posters, have plugin fragrance dispensers to keep the office smelling fresh.


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