Why use a Recruitment Agency?

Why Use A Recruitment Agency?
One of my clients once said to me after we placed an accountant with them that they wished they had come to me first before trying to recruit themselves. He told me that prior to coming to us they had recruited by putting an advert in their local paper which cost £150 (much cheaper than an agency fee). He found and employed someone who ending up losing them a client who was paying £4500 per year. I asked if I could have a look at the CV of the person he employed, once I had I realised some of the mistakes he had made in his screening of the candidate, the main mistake was that there were a few unexplained gaps in employment on the candidates CV, these gaps were not explored which could potentially have shed light on why this candidate would not work out. Had he used us to find him his candidates he probably wouldn’t have been sent that candidate once screened by us. We ending up replacing this person and 1 year on they are very happy together.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we have all fallen fowl of it. The idea of this report is to give you the client an insight in why you pay our fees in the first place.
There are many benefits to be gained by using a specialist consultancy. In recent years the internet has become such a powerful medium for advertising it seemed logical the job market would become interactive as well. In the past it was the newspapers and trade press’s which led the way to many companies filling their vacancies – this is not the case today.
Good candidates do not stay as active jobseekers for very long and quality candidates and many active candidates will not read the job pages and visit online job boards. It is this proactive approach that a specialist consultancy can deliver that will make the difference in finding the best candidates.
Recruitment Agencies want to forge long lasting relationships with their clients this enables them to fully understand your business and find the people to match it. When a consultancy understands your business with confidence they can then explain the benefits of joining your organisation to
prospective employees.

The main benefits of using a recruitment specialist:
· Assistance with realistic salary advice for positions.
· Time saving, no more trawling through hundreds of CV’s to find the matching ones and saving time with employers only interviewing candidates carefully selected by the agency.
· No advertising cost
· Rebate schemes which protect you for up to 4 months after taking on a  candidate
· Free advice and tips on interview questions
· Well prepared candidates knowing what is to be expected of them at interview stage
Why you might not want to use a recruitment agency:
· Fees – remember you don’t pay us a penny unless we find you someone. Recruitment agencies are set up to deliver results, if we do not deliver then you do not pay, it’s the same as an estate agent, you only pay them if they sell you house. It is important to realise that even if you want to save money and not use an agency, some of the best  specialist candidates do not actively look for jobs, they rely solely on agencies to find them a position for many reasons, reputation, confidentially, they simply don’t have the time, by not using an agency you are missing these candidates.
Even if you have not intention on paying a fee to us or any other agency, use us to find candidates for you, because I guarantee if we find you the perfect candidate above and beyond anyone you came up with you will be happy to pay us because they will pay for themselves within your business.

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